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Free Software Solutions!

I have been in the field of IT for the last 12 years. A reliable and quality software is my passion and if there is enough challenge and complexity involved to develop it, then I would love to work in that.

I like to work on utility applications that can help normal day today life of the people. If you have any such requirement to have small utility applications, please let me know.


Possibilities of the impossible

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As the beauty lies in the viewers eyes, the possibility of anything resides with the approach of the one who is intended to do that. Impossible is a relative word and is the word possible too. All circles around the optimistic approach of the person.

The term possible itself is an optimistic approach where as impossible is a pessimistic approach. It is not a benchmark to complete some task but the feeling towards the task that it can be done. Another person may fee that it can not be done. Any feeling for what ever it is related with, is all about how well the person know about the related aspects of that matter.