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Possibilities of the impossible

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As the beauty lies in the viewers eyes, the possibility of anything resides with the approach of the one who is intended to do that. Impossible is a relative word and is the word possible too. All circles around the optimistic approach of the person.

The term possible itself is an optimistic approach where as impossible is a pessimistic approach. It is not a benchmark to complete some task but the feeling towards the task that it can be done. Another person may fee that it can not be done. Any feeling for what ever it is related with, is all about how well the person know about the related aspects of that matter. For a knowledgeable person, he/she think with the facts of completing it successfully and others can not even think of a chance to get it done so far his/her knowledge is concerned. Personally, I always feel "it" can be done for anything that matters. The time is the only variant directly dependent on the knowledge. So the more you get to know about something, the more the chance of executing it. That gives me immense confidence and ideas to execute any work. So for any work what matters is the approach to it with the caliber to show more light to its surrounding and the flow of ideas to execute. When one person is scared of something, he/she cant even think of what is there for him to work and he/she gets cornered more and less focused.

Unless we get to know about something in very detail, how can we judge it. Judgment of anything is an essential aspect to work around it and to make any change to it. I would say that a person is capable when he/she can find the possibility of someĀ  one's impossible task. They find different aspects or ideas to execute it rather than underlining it as impossible and moving away.If we truly look at the world around us, everything which gives comfort to us are of impossible things by us. If it remained like that, how cursing today's life would be? But in fact, those things were very much possible to certain group of people. The fact is that, our awareness or knowledge towards the possibility of those things were very little than the real possibility factor. So for us it is impossible doesn't mean it is really impossible.

In essence,if anything we find as impossible for us and is of our interest to execute, read about it, make a list of your own ideas, find the possibilities and the impossibilities with your current knowledge and background. Read more around the impossibilities and move nearer to the domain of the task to be achieved, keeping the task at the center of attraction. Convert all the impossible aspects to the possible or near to it. Get the high grip of confidence and place your possible ideas to the people whom you trust and love and get their remarks and support. Evaluate each and every comments or reviews and add more possibilities to it and move forward. You are sure to win in lesser time than expected.